Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Crafts with Kids

We are so excited to welcome in Spring around here!  This past weekend we spent some time painting pictures for Spring and Easter.  I found an Easter art project on Pinterest that I thought would be fun to try out.  All you need is potatoes, paint, and paper:)  You can check out the project here.  Basically it's creating potato stampers that look like Easter eggs.  It's pretty simple and the kids enjoyed it (the potatoes were a little hard to hold on to, so be careful if you try this!).  The kids also made hand prints and other 'abstract' paint creations:)  We had lots of fun being creative...the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

^ I love their hand print projects-it's nice to document how little they are now because they are growing so fast!
Happy Easter from Bella and Elijah!
The kids and I bought some flowers to help usher in cheerful!
Goodbye March, Hello April!  What are you most looking forward to this Spring?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Favorites for Spring!

Women's A2 By Aerosoles Yetaway Sandals Maybelline

Nyx Cosmetics    Semi Sheer Polka Dot Shirt   N0028ST



Although it doesn't quite feel like Spring yet, it's coming soon (I hope).  So I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites from my Spring wish list!

1. Sandals-hopefully a pair that are comfortable with a little heel
2. Pretty colored pants-I love the blue above or possibly a mint colored pair
3. Bright Coral Blush-bright cream blush for that sun kissed look:)
4. Lip Gloss-I haven't tried this gloss yet but I've read a few blogs that say it's great
5. Bright Spring Top-need some Spring color in my wardrobe!
6. Crossbody Purse-I've been wanting a crossbody purse for a while.  I think the one pictured above is so cute!

I am so looking forward to seeing green grass again, going on walks with the kids, watching my tulips bloom, grilling on the deck, playing in the backyard, and enjoying sunsets on the front porch.  I can almost feel the sunshine on my cheeks!

What are you looking forward to this Spring?  What's on your Spring wish list?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Catch up

Well hello there again!  I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything (perhaps because it's hard to stay motivated in the land of never-ending winter) so here's a little post to catch you up with what's happening around here:)

1. We are pirate maniacs: My kids have become quite obsessed with 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' thanks to Netflix, so we spend a lot of time playing pirates, watching pirates, and reading about pirates.  My favorite word that both of the kids use is coconuts when we are looking for the hidden coconuts in their pirate book.  Bella says 'polka-nuts', and Elijah says 'co-cuts'.

2. We are going a little stir crazy with this long winter season.  There were a few days where it warmed up enough to go on walks outside with the kids.  It was so great and felt wonderful to get some fresh air.  Unfortunately, it just snowed again and is now supposed to get cold (mid to low 20s) for the next week or so.  Boo.

3.  We are decorating for Spring/Easter.  Another way we are trying to usher in Spring is by decorating for it.  The kids loved helping put up our Easter baskets and bunnies around the house.

And here are a few pictures from the last few weeks...
^ The kids and I posed for a few pictures before church one Sunday.  I call this one our 'band' shot.
 ^I love Bell's face in this picture:)
 ^Just relaxing while talking to Daddy on the phone
 ^Firemen like animal crackers too!

 ^This happened one afternoon when Bella told me she didn't need a nap so she would just sit on the couch and read some stories:)
 ^Showing some love to our pug Cousin Henry
^Handsome Henry (and such a sweetie with the kids)

 ^Elijah and Mommy
^Could they be any sweeter?!
^Got to attend a Women's Retreat at our church and hang out with my bestie, Emily!  Love you Em:)
I hope your March has been fun, now let's all pray for some warmer weather soon! 

Friday, February 21, 2014


That's right, it's the SNOWPOCALYPSE!  It's been the coldest, snowiest winter here in Minnesota in quite some time.  Last night into today, we received another 10-12 inches of snow.  Then the temperature dropped down to a balmy -12.  Just in time for everyone to go clear out their driveways:) 
 ^The view from our dining room

^This wall of snow is now about 4 feet tall and runs the length of the driveway


Anyway, I spent just over two hours shoveling out our driveway (yes we have a snow blower, but it's stuck behind a car that's not running and another car that is covered in snow and blocked in the driveway by above mentioned snowpocalypse).  While I was out shoveling, I made a list of PROs and CONs of shoveling in my they are:

1. I don't need to work out today
2. If this snow keeps up, I will be super buff by Spring
3. I spotted five trumpeter swans flying by while shoveling
4. The snow looks really pretty on all of the trees
5.  Despite the cold temperature and gusting winds, I'm warm from all the physical labor

1. I am finding fewer and fewer reasons to stay in Minnesota
2. I don't own snow pants (yes, I know I live in MN, but if I bought snow pants it would be like admitting that I live here, right?  Besides, every time I think of buying snow pants, I immediately think that I'd rather buy shoes or a cute top or nail polish or a new purse or...)
3. The plow truck is going to come by again and completely erase all that hard work I just did to clear out the three and a half foot wall of snow at the end of our driveway 
4. This snow is heavy and icy and extremely hard to throw up onto the mountain of snow I've created
5. Matt is out of town
6. I'm running out of room to put snow, and I'm pretty sure  I won't be able to see in either direction when backing out of our driveway
7. I hate snow

Just as I was finishing shoveling enough to get my car out of the driveway, a bobcat skid-steer looking machine came driving down the road, saw me, and stopped to clear out the other side of the driveway for me.  To whoever that kind man was, THANK YOU!  You are amazing and may just be my best friend now.  I guess that's one more item to add to the PROs list:) 

Happy Snowpocalypse everyone!  We are all going to be so buff by Spring;)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Party and Crafts

Greetings!  This past week was filled with fun Valentine crafts and a party with our playgroup friends which both Bella and Elijah really enjoyed!  Matt left town on Valentine's day morning, but we were able to have dinner together the night before (Miss you Valentine of mine!)  We hope your Valentine's day was full of love too!  Here's some pictures of our fun:

For our Valentine's Party at playgroup this year, we decided to teach a lesson on manners and then serve a spaghetti lunch for the kids.  They did a great job and really seemed to enjoy the food and drinks!  We also had them decorate paper bags and exchange little valentine's cards and treats-that was a big hit!  We are so blessed to have such a fun group of friends to see every week! 
Elijah's ready to party:)

^Some of the boys enjoying caesar salad

 ^Bella had another girl to play with this week, sweet little Maeve!  They sat together at lunch and enjoyed their girl time:)
 ^Cute Valentine Drinks (Shirley Temples!)
 My two little Valentines enjoying their lunch:)

^Cute little Wesley (just six weeks younger than Elijah)

Cupcakes for dessert!

^Levi and Jude enjoying their dessert

^Decorated Valentine's Bags, ready to be filled with treats:)

Later in the week, both Grandmas came over to make Valentine Houses with the kids!  This was a really fun project and worked out great because at Christmas time we didn't get a chance to make the gingerbread house Bella really wanted to do.  So Valentine's Day Houses it was!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed eating and decorating their way through the entire process.

^Someone's excited:)

 ^Elijah and Grandma H (this is his 'smile' face-Grandma's trying not to laugh!)
 ^Bella and Grandma M

 ^I just love Elijah's face in this one.  As he was completing his house, he kept calling everyone over and yelling,
"Ta -Da!"

 ^Elijah showing Bella his house
 ^And giving her a sample:)
 ^Elijah's finished house (and Bella peeking!)
^Bella's finished house
This was a super fun and easy project and comes highly recommended by both Bella and Elijah!  We may have to make this one a tradition:)